In Search of Hospitality (Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism)

In Search of Hospitality (Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism)

(Read and download) In Search of Hospitality (Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism)

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Book Snippet : ‘In Search of Hospitality’ is a unique contribution to the study of hospitality, exploring the practice of hospitality across disciplines, and adopting an international perspective where appropriate. ‘In Search of Hospitality’:*brings together an extraordinary collection of leading researches and writers in hospitality, sociology, philosophy and social history, providing a truly global perspective on hospitality* focuses the study of hospitality across the range of human, social and economic settings* provides a reference point for the future development of hospitality as an academic discipline.This text is ideal for students and academics in both the applied fields of hospitality and tourism studies, and general academic fields in business studies and behavioral sciences. For practitioners in hospitality, leisure and tourism businesses the text provides a provocative and informative guide to understanding and providing hospitality in commercial contexts.